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Every once in a while, a reader of ‘Tied the Leader’ submits an idea for us to speak about on this open forum. Every once in a while, these subsmissions speak for themselves.

The image below comes courtesy of El Burritoh. In the ranks of the TTL Gunslingers, he is a graphic artist, photographer, sniper, and 50% of TTL’s webmastering Nerd Squad. You can find other examples of his work plastered all over our webring.

I felt that this little diddy deserved a place all it’s own.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D1208 T1355
    Locke wrote...

    Fantastic work Burittoh. This belongs in a magazine.

  2. #LINK D1208 T1358
    Stuicide wrote...

    That image looks like a toy….

  3. #LINK D1208 T1425
    Cleanbeats wrote...

    Awesome. That is good stuff for sure.

  4. #LINK D1208 T1449
    Demag0gue wrote...

    A beauty, and a true lesson, indeed.

  5. #LINK D1208 T1458
    TTL Wayn0ka wrote...

    Great job, Burritoh! maybe you’ll get another image on BNet yet!

  6. #LINK D1208 T1509
    Tortacular wrote...

    Wow, awesome stuff! Great job Burritoh.

  7. #LINK D1208 T1515
    Joshua Funk wrote...

    It looks great, Burritoh! I’d love to see a poster-size available in the store.

  8. #LINK D1208 T1541
    Dweezle wrote...

    Excellent work EL. The image is just as cool as the message that goes along with it.

  9. #LINK D1208 T1607
    TTL Jericho wrote...

    that sure is purty. me likey.

  10. #LINK D1208 T1657
    CoB Nightmare wrote...

    That is photoshop pwnage at its best.

  11. #LINK D1208 T1829
    TT L Burritoh wrote...

    Thanks for the nice comments! And thanks Stu for ruining the secret ;-) it is a toy, my very own MC action figure. It’s all in the lighting. (It used to be all in the wrist, but…)

  12. #LINK D1208 T1856
    iZen wrote...

    WOW! great picture. At first i though you had modeled that but oh well! Is there any higher res images? I want that for my website!

  13. #LINK D1208 T2016
    Kaiavatar wrote...

    That is a beautiful pic Burritoh and an awesome message. My hat is off to you.

  14. #LINK D1208 T2025
    bs angel wrote...

    Absolutely amazing! I love it.

  15. #LINK D1208 T2030
    Vironex wrote...

    I absolutely love this. I just love it.

  16. #LINK D1208 T2113
    Suicidesamuraiz wrote...

    Kick ass, and that’s fer sure.

  17. #LINK D1209 T0924
    pastor wrote...

    total sweetness man

  18. #LINK D1209 T0931
    wheels wrote...

    That would make a great poster!!!!!! ; )

  19. #LINK D1210 T1826
    L0coM0tive wrote...

    Thats rad! I want a poster! Good work Burritoh!

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