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This week I am peering through the looking glass at the Halo2Junkies. They are the clan counterpart to the halo2.junk.ws site. This site is well known for their breakdown of Halo matchmaking stats. And you thought Bungie was in depth with its recaps. You have clearly yet to see the light. Do yourself a favor and drop by their site. To find out more information about the clan itself I had a talk with Excardon and Indutiomarus. Here are their answers, with Excardon’s in black, and Indutiomarus’ in white. Enjoy.

How and when did your clan start up?

The halo2 junk ws clan was started in December 2005 by the site creator, oi1. The clan had only 5 to 10 people at most. When the site became more community based and held an official site tournament in mid July followed by a Humpday Challenge against Bungie in August, the number of clan members increased significantly. The H2Junkies is the website and clan’s official team and it is comprised of members of the halo2 junk ws clan. One day after we had an interview about our website with Foo Mo Jive over at Podtacular, he asked us if we had an official team to play the Podtacular All-Stars. Although we did not have a team at the time, xATHENAx and I figured it would be a good time to start one. We did so by holding our first team tryouts in August 2006.

What meaning does your clan’s name hold?

The clan name is the same as the name of our website, Halo2.Junk.ws and the H2Junkies is a name that was spun off the clan/site.

How many people call your clan home?

As of right now, we have 87 members in the clan and we have 10 positions for the H2Junkies.

How do you go about luring and screening recruits?

We haven’t had much trouble with this. In order to be a member of the team, a player must be a member of Halo2.Junk.ws and a member of the halo2 junk ws clan. We have held tryouts twice for the team; at the most recent session we had almost fifty people trying out for the ten positions. Not only do we grade on skill, but also on teamwork and attitude.

What are some unique bylaws that your clan enforces?

There are only a couple rules to follow that are fairly simple. The rules that apply to the halo2.junk.ws website, apply to the clan as well. In addition, in order to be a member of the clan, the only thing we ask is that you are a member of halo2.junk.ws.

What do you do to build camaraderie in your ranks?

We support and encourage members of the clan to play together when they can. Once a week we have a practice session for the H2Junkies where not only can the team get to know each other better, but we also allow non-Junkie clan members to participate in our sessions. Also, we are just starting to get involved with Clantacular.com so all the of the members have a chance to represent the clan they are in.

What is the best way to get booted from your clan?

Well, first off, Halo2.Junk.ws has an absolute no-tolerance policy for any form of cheating, so if anyone is found to have cheated on Xbox Live at any time with their gamertag, they would be expelled from the clan as well as the website. Also, in order to make sure that there is no one just taking up space within the clan, we remove people that have been inactive from the website and Halo 2 for more than a month or so.

As far as the H2Junkies goes, lack of attendance to practice or challenges will get you removed from the team (but not the clan). As Indutiomarus stated above, breaking any of our other rules will also get you kicked from the team as well as the clan and website.

What gametypes does your clan prefer?

The H2Junkies exclusively play matches that are 6 v 6 or larger. (Although, we did happen to play our one and only MLG challenge against TTL’s MLG team) We believe that larger teams require greater skill and teamwork and we like to have all of Junkies involved in our matches as much as possible. Our favorite gametype is anything that involves the scoring setting at minimum because they are the most team-oriented. To be specific, Lowball on Lockout with Battle Rifle start seems to be the Junkies’ favorite gametype. As far as the clan goes, they play pretty much anything.

What is your poison/passion: Matchmaking? Customs? Challenges? MLG?

All of our official clan games are challenges against other Halo 2 community sites or major Halo clans. We’re always looking for new opponents to play. As we play exclusively large games, 4 v 4 matches are out of the question for us if you do challenge the H2Junkies. In regards to the clan as a whole, we do have a wide variety of people so whatever your pick is; you can usually find someone within the clan who is playing any of the above.

What is the closest game your clan has had in a Clan Challenge?

As far as our H2Junkies challenges go, when we played the Podtacular All-Stars the first time around we won 100-96 in a Team Slayer game with MLG settings on Zanzibar. That one went back and forth the whole game.


Nice stuff! If you are interested in sparring with the Junkies then drop by their site and challenge them. I am sure they would be more than willing to accept and grant you a good game. Thanks a lot Excardon and Indutiomarus for the info.

If you know a clan, or are in a clan that would like to be spotlighted in the Clan Profile then send me an email at tiedtheleaderblog@gmail.com and tell me about it. Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s profile. Stop back next week for another great clan.

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  1. #LINK D1127 T1607
    TTL Wayn0ka wrote...

    Great write up! The guys over at H2J are great, and the website… is addictive. And i know this team gave ours a whoopin! Now at least we know why – they practice! Why didn’t someone tell us that??

  2. #LINK D1127 T2054
    Excardon wrote...

    Thanks for having us featured in the your Clan Profile. TTL is a well run site and clan as well.

    Great questions too! They made me get my thinking cap on :P

  3. #LINK D1127 T2246
    S...D...tek...tiv... wrote...

    I visit the site quite often… perhaps because it’s another place I can see my gamertag online : ) One time, I was looking at the “Player vs Player” thing, and I clicked on “select random user”. This random user’s stat score was exactly tied with mine! What are the odds?! I told him about it and now he’s on my friends list, I hope to actually play with him in the future.

    I just use the site for the cool tools, and it’s nice to hear about all this stuff going on behind the face of the site that you would never otherwise know about! Plus I think it’s funny that there’s Braveheart in Tied the Leader’s “Clan Profile” graphic!

  4. #LINK D1128 T1117
    Stuicide wrote...

    Excardon and xATHENAx do a great job of running the clan. When we played them in a clan challenge it was a fierce battle and they didn’t relent at all.

    Great people, Great clan, Great site.

    My utmost respect for the H2Junkies.

  5. #LINK D1128 T2332
    Locke wrote...

    I love what oil and everyone has done to get those stats up and running. Great site, great group of gamers.

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