D1004 T1738 Y2006Reader's Poll: A Mass Migration to Real Time?

Will you be migrating to Halo Wars?

‘Tied the Leader’ claims its roots in the population of the Halo Community. It’s where we were born, it’s where we live. It’s where we die [repeatedly] night after night. The domain name is sort of a giveaway. We know…

On many occasions, the question has been asked:

“Where will we go from here?”

Having assembled a network of gamers, there is endless potential to circle the wagons and march on other battlefields. There are other worlds than these, it has been said. The destination of this would-be migration is really up to the gamers who call our community home – as well as the honored opponents who come knocking on our door in search of a fight. If one thing can be certain, you cannot tell a gamer what to do. They are among the most fickle consumers of pop-culture in the digital marketplace.

We have tried to farm out our virtual [wo]man-power to tackle other gaming environs on a number of occasions. Despite our sincerest efforts, these transplants are most often rejected. Project Gotham Racing. Battlefield 2. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warrior. Call of Duty. All of these games boast lonely discussion boards in our forum that are collecting dust. ChromeHounds is the only exception. Our Morskojan crew of Hound Pilots is still alive and well – constructing immense machines of destruction that stride into a persistent world. They even asked me to abandon my post as their absentee leader.

Nothing within our intimate little TTL community packs the same buzz as our various Halo 2 squads. Your average TTL Gunslinger can find enough teammates for a Big Team Battle on any night of the week. Either this Overlord/Blogger is not setting a tone that is hospitable to a gamer of diverse tastes [completely plausible], or there is just no substitute for a good old match of effortlessly networked Team Slayer.

Traffic Reports for the information superhighways that lead into Xbox Live would cast a light of truth on the second possibility. Don’t let the categories fool you, fair gamer. Saints Row gangs do not outnumber Halo 2 clans. No way. We would win that turf war in a High Charity Minute.

Fortunately, there are a number of Halo-themed gaming experiences poised for attack just over the horizon. With Halo 3 looming, we don’t have to worry about having to close the doors and turn out the lights at ‘Tied the Leader’. We already have a team built to play a game that is in development.

Halo Wars is a trickier question.

We like the subject matter, but that’s not a shooter, man! This forum moderator is completely willing to support a cadre of Armchair Generals who want to marshal forces in an epic battle, but I can’t lead the way. I ain’t never played no Real Time Strategy game. And I am too old and too set in my ways to try new things.

Playing with a team of live opponents has spoiled me. Having had driven thousands of thinking, breathing, screaming tailgunners to their deaths on the back of my Warthog; I have a hard time getting riled by the demise of Artificial Intelligence. For this gamer, Campaign has turned into training for Multiplayer. If there is no Multiplayer to be had, there needs to be one hell of a role play to hold my attention. Seeing a different world through the eyes of a different hero is always a potential distraction from a chronic Halo addition. Watching a simulated army crawl across a map like ants is not.

So, we ask our fellow Halo addicts: Will you be migrating to the Real Time Strategy of Halo Wars? Ensemble Studios is hoping you will. Bungie is hoping you will. Microsoft, of course, is hoping you will. The existing constituency of Halo fans is the ripest market for the success of this upcoming title.

The question is: Can you make the transition?

Sound OFF!

Posted by XerxdeeJ

Nomads 16

  1. #LINK D1003 T2344
    TTL Stuicide wrote...

    I definately will be giving it a shot. As a fan of the Halo franchise, I want to know as much as I can about the story. Also, some of the first heavy video gaming I did was on an RTS. I played Command and Conquer and C&C Red Alert when I was younger. I think it’s got potential, but it’s definately going to be attacking a new genre of gamer. The PC gamer who plays Civilization, Ages of Empires, and those other RTS’s will have to make a choice.

    I would much rather BE Master Chief than be a General of the army. I like the FPS view. I like the action and the split second decisions you have to make as you come around a corner. I love driving a Warthog through a crowd of soldiers in the middle of Coagulation. I don’t think the same type of excitement can be reached through an RTS.

  2. #LINK D1003 T2345
    Utopia Inknown wrote...

    I’m looking forward to a Halo-themed RTS. I got my first taste of RTS back in June while staying at a friends brother’s house…5 of us would stay up all nite long building our armies and trying to reign supreme. While it’s not nearly as much fun as the fast paced FPS, or F/TPD (first/third person driver), that I usually play, it adds a new dimension to gaming. Not only does the allure of the Halo-verse have me interested, but I feel that lessons learned with this game could very easily be used in Halo. Once you learn how to move armies and protect assests with AI, you could apply those lessons to human comrades. An army is only as good as its leadership. Without leadership, you get cowboys. Cowboys may pull off that super amazing clutch move, but more likely then not, they’ll upset the balance of the team and throw hard worked plans into the wind.

  3. #LINK D1003 T2346
    A Large Bear wrote...

    J’adore RTS. from the moment I picked up Command and Conquer, all the way through my evolution into a hardcore badass Starcraft gamer I have loved the RTS genre. There’s something about outwitting your opponent on that many levels that gives me a thrill every time I accomplish it. If you need a counterpoint, I’m your man. I love the RTS genre, I love the FPS genre, but I’ve been known to pretend to take any side if it advances my goal of talking a lot.

    Halo Wars will let me take it to a universe taht previously was inhabited only by lone wolves, by the single Spartan against them all. We don’t know what the rest of the war looks like, we only know what happens when a superbadass hero flies in from the wings and takes on entire armies by himself.

    What happens when marine and elite meet on the field of battle? How are the scorpions deployed to maximum effect? Macro > Micro, forever and forever. A good macromanagement strategy is what makes a war, with us spartans just doing the dying ot make the strategy work.

  4. #LINK D1003 T2346
    DarkNosferatu wrote...

    From the first moment I saw Warcraft 1 in action, i was hooked. More recently, I have stoped playing RTS games in favor of console gaming, but I can see myself picking it up again. My very first LAN gamming experiences were with Age of Empires 2, so clearly I think this new title has potential for online and LAN play.

    I am going to be very careful of this though, I am not going to rush out and make the purchase. I will probably rent the game and see if it hooks me in. I have done this before and ended up buying (chrome hounds, burnout, etc).

    I spent a large amount of time several years ago playing the Age of Empire series. These are very good games, and I am glad to see bungie hand off thier IP to some capable developers. My most significant concern is the lack of a keyboard/mouse, but if they make good use of the controller, who knows?

    My secondary concern is the history of video game IP hand-offs. IMHO, when one developer gives some other developer the rights to make a title, it does not go well. When bungie handed the Halo PC port over to gearbox the end result was questionable. Gearbox did a great job with level design, and teh campaign port, but the network problems were a nightmare.

    In gerneral, I am very optimistic of this new title. I think that a good console RTS game is long overdue. I know its been done before, but i dont think its ever been done right.

  5. #LINK D1003 T2347
    Ender wrote...

    As a gamer of the early 20’s generation I have looked for and loved any RTS that has the right control scheme, and story line intrests my whole life. I have played every command & conquer. I’ve played Starcraft, because of Starcrafts story line I bought and read 3 books set in the Starcraft universe. I’ve played Kessen, and even Dune as an RTS. I can tell you I will buy this game the day it comes out and I will be absent from halo while I beat it. I’ll come back to my beloved halo after I defeat the game at least once. Then I’ll play halo for awhile and then go back to the RTS. I can’t express how the feel of controling the army with such accuracy and absolute control makes my heart sing. In halo we can touch on the commander asspect of war but only to a point. In a virtual world with no consiquences the soldiers tend to disobay direct orders and do their own thing. The best strategy in halo can fall apart if the soldiers don’t fight together. In the world of RTS this problem is eliminated. You are given absolute control over the units at your command. You tell them what to do and they do it.

  6. #LINK D1003 T2348
    Jericho wrote...

    Bear is Quebequois?

    RTS can be fun, but I’m not sure how this will be. If it lets me recreate the Fall of Reach? That could be damn cool. Also, I’m wondering how much story line Bungie will give them to use. It could be a nice addition to the mythology. But all in all, I like my MC FPS.

  7. #LINK D1003 T2348
    Drizz wrote...

    I will absolutly be buying this one.. no question about it. This game will bring both kinds of players together, the Halo diehards that would wear Master Chief underwear if they made it, and the ones who wouldnt know a “flailing wildly with the long barrel” from an ” across the map ” stick. This game will pull in both the young and older gamer as well. The thing about RTS games is that its like chess, umm.. with bullets, grenades, hogs, ghosts…you get the picture. As far as an online community all about Halo Wars it really depends on how many can fight at once. Take Battle for Middle Earth 2, 4 player online deathmatch, CTF, Smack the Hobbit, ect ect… It was fun, but VERY time consuming, any given battle on that game could last for hours and hours, and I am sure it will be the same with Halo Wars.

    The story is also a very important factor in any RTS and as long as each battle introduces something new then it will not get old, also if the covenant story line is available, or the flood, or the Wookies ( ? ) it will add even more depth to what will probably be an already engaging story. As long as they keep the balance of the game good then everything should work out just fine. That was a big problem with one of the Command and Conquer Games ( prior to a patch ) NOD side had this cyborg commando that, even though he was just one little guy, could take out an entire base by himself, and he was self healing. As long as they play test the heck out of it it will be a great game that even XerxDeeJ would enjoy I bet.

  8. #LINK D1003 T2349
    lil pink pony wrote...

    As soon as I get my broke ass out to get a 360, I’ll start plannin’ on Halo Wars. But just watching that trailer makes me wanna plead for it to come out sooner.

  9. #LINK D1003 T2350
    Demag0gue wrote...

    As both a gamer and a writer, Halo Wars holds a very high attraction for me. I’m not generally an FPS gamer, so the Halo franchise proves to be my preferential outlier. What appeals to me the most about Halo Wars is the expansion of the storyline upon which the Halo universe is built. That’s what really hooked me on Halo from the start, what kept me playing an FPS and held my interest from start to finish. So, hearing about an opportunity to watch more of the Halo story unfold in front of me, to be able to interact with the storytelling, is positively thrilling. I will definitely pick up a copy of Halo Wars, and even if the mechanics of an RTS on a console continue to be problematic, that is, for me, secondary to experiencing the storyline firsthand.

  10. #LINK D1003 T2350
    Locke wrote...

    I wish they would release it for PC as well, but that doesn’t mean Im not getting it. Playing Halo is fun, playing Halo with the Gunslingers is priceless. I feel the same for this game, so I hope you guys get it too.

  11. #LINK D1004 T0749
    Jobyn wrote...

    It would be interesting to me to see how many Halo fans are planning to buy this even though they are not RTS fans.

    I am a huge Halo fan (obviously, considering I help run a site devoted to one of its clans), I have read all the books, I have played through the games, I plan on being at the movie on opening night, and I will even check out the Wingnut movie/game enigma.

    With that said, I only plan on reading the Halo Wars story on some spoiler website. I have never been a huge RTS fan. I have tried them, but always give up early. Not that I am bad at it, it just isn’t my cup of tea (or it is my cup of tea, because I don’t drink tea).

    Maybe it is that I am old and crotchety. Maybe it is that change scares me. Maybe it is that I scream out “You can’t handle the truth!” too much when commanding virtual armies. I don’t know.

    I have dug my FPS rut, and I plan on staying in it.

  12. #LINK D1004 T0939
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    See you in the trenches, Jobyn. My FPS rut has a beer cooler and surround sound. It’s deep man.

  13. #LINK D1005 T1251
    TTL Saej wrote...

    My first taste of computer gaming was RTS. The Age series, StarCraft (Which I still play ad nauseum), and C&C. Only after getitng GoldenEye for the N64 did I start liking FPSs.

    Hell, I even had StarCraft for my N64 (what a failure of a port). I am hopeful for Halo Wars, but I am also scared. I do not want to be turned off by this game. I will always play the FPS Halos, but this one scares me.

  14. #LINK D1006 T2329
    Suicidesamuraiz wrote...

    I’ll be giving this one a shot. I was big on Star-craft, though never enjoyed it with DSL, and I loved all of the Age of Empiure Games I’ve played. There are some less than memorable ones, however, but they can definatly pass time in an awesome fashion.

    I’m hoping that there’s some form of single-person control in this… That would rock.

    I’m really looking forward to Halo 3, however. Besides FPS’s, I only really play driving games and mech games (would like to join y’all for soem Chromehounds when I get a 360), but I’d like to expand a little.

  15. #LINK D1007 T0322
    Kaiavatar wrote...

    I will be giving this title a go… This will never replace Halo but as an aside to bring back the freshness I am all for it. I can’t wait to see what happens with this title…

    Here is the order of preference… FPS>RTS>anythingelse.

  16. #LINK D1009 T0015
    Night Rider 7 wrote...

    While I honestly believe Halowars will be a good game, and one that will support online multiplayer capabilities, I don’t believe it will be able to satisfy my desire for strong, effective teamwork. My love for teamwork is what motivated me to start my clan and what keeps me going back to my controller week after week. Sure conquering the galaxy has it’s perks, but will it foster a competetive enviroment that feeds my hunger for teamwork like Halo does?

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