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Hello everyone. It is time for your weekly dosing of the 22 Questions. This week I was lucky enough to snag the Editor of one of my favorite gaming news sites, Kotaku. If you all have not had the chance to check it out then do yourself a favor and gander at the current front page or even delve a little into the archives. It is gaming review with a dash of paprika. They keep you up to date with all of the gaming news, and give you funny info and videos to make that work day go by faster. We are all thankful. So check out Brian’s answers to our questions, and make sure to check out the bottom of the interview for a new feature.

  • Gametag: Crecente
  • Pet Peeve: Dull commercials.
  • Your Best Moment of Triumph: Convincing my wife to move from Australia to marry me.
  • Game That Was the Biggest Let Down: Legos Star Wars II for the DS. It’s essentially a giant bug wrapped up in crappy graphics and bad sound.
  • Closest You Have Come to Death: A tricky operation to remove my spleen when I was five.
  • What Are You Better at Than Anyone You Know: Nothing
  • Little Known Fact: My parents threw a Last Rites party for me, just before my spleen was removed. There was cake.
  • Ideal Business: Writing
  • First Game That Had You Hooked: Pong
  • Mac or PC: PC
  • Song You Are Currently Listening to: Car Wash, but that’s been running in my head since the 70s.
  • Game/System You Are Looking Forward to the Most: Heavenly Sword, Gears of War, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. There really isn’t one that stands out right now.
  • Supernatural Power of Choice: Food vision.
  • Most Expensive Thing You Ever Stole: A little plastic pony I swiped from a flea market when I was six.
  • Favorite Arcade Game: All of the Street Fighters.
  • Last Gadget Purchased: Treo 700w though my most idiotic gadget purchase was a Robomower. Want to buy a Robomower, cheap?
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween… or Christmas, I wish there was a Chrisween…um, make that Hallomas.
  • Current Trend You Least Understand: All of them
  • Simon or Garfunkel: Simon
  • Historical Figure You Would Reanimate: James Joyce
  • Dogs, Cats, Birds or Wombats: Wombats FTW (My wife’s Australian, so by law I have to say that.)
  • Movie Quote: “In everything, I told you the truth about it in my trial, as well as I could.”

    Now here is some dessert. From now on I am giving all the people I interview a chance to ask the next interviewee a question. I know, its crazy. I know, its wild. Thats how I roll here are Tied the Leader, crazy and wild (Not really… I am pretty boring).

  • KPaul asks- What’s your earliest memory: Buying coca-cola in a plastic bag from a street vendor in Thailand when I was three(1973 or thereabouts). We were on our way to the Asterisk Cafe, a little retaurant cartoon themed restaurant in Bangkok. I remember walking down the street in flip-flops, holding the bag by the little rubberband, sucking the drink through a tiny straw. Later that year there was a coup and we all had to hide up in the attic of our house. The only thing I really remember about that is my mom and some other mom standing near the trap door with baseball bats when they thought they heard someone moving around in the house.

    Now that is a vivid first memory. Thanks alot for the interview Brian, and thanks to all the readers for dropping by and reading through it. Guess what? There are more surprises in order. Stop by early next week to see a new peice on the TTL Blog. Also next Friday there will be another exciting interview for your viewing pleasure. Dank jeder.

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    A Large Bear wrote...

    I have to admit, that first memory trumps the hell out of mine. Awesome interview, Dweezleweezle. Keep ‘em rolling.

  2. #LINK D0111 T0739
    rapid4me wrote...

    Unusual interview, but well done, anyway ;)

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    rapidshare wrote...

    Nice interview…well done..Keep posting like this..

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