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Well welcome old readers and new comers alike. If this is your first time reading the 22 Questions, let me diverge and talk about them a tad. Every Friday is Christmas. My gift to you? An interview with someone in the gaming community. I know, sorry it isn’t wrapped. The format is that I ask them 22 Questions; most of which have nothing to do with anything, others which may let you see into their soul. Welcome to the 22 Questions. I grill, you eat. Hope you like your burgers bloody.

This week, we have the sultan of swat, the king of crash, the colossus of clout, the Great Bam… ummm… Louis Wu! If Halo is your drug, and you need a quick fix at home or work then Wu is your guy. He is the palpator of the Halo pulse. Halo.Bungie.Org has done so many things to establish this blogger with all of the help with Dead Man’s Hand, and Wu has always been well admired by all of the TTL crew. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Louis Wu. Take a gander at his answers.

  • Gametag: Louis Wu
  • Pet Peeve: Grammar nazis who make mistakes when correcting others. If you’re gonna be an ass, at least do it right.
  • Your Best Moment of Triumph: Watching my firstborn come into the world.
  • Game That Was the Biggest Let Down: I can’t think of any games I actually played that let me down; that either means my standards are really, really low, or that I simply don’t play enough games.
  • Closest You Have Come to Death: I fell, while climbing on a cliff face, when I was 9. Knocked out a bunch of teeth, broke a bunch of bones. Got lucky and was seen on the way down – otherwise, I’d have bled out at the bottom.
  • What Are You Better at Than Anyone You Know: I’m pretty sure there’s NOTHING that I’m better at than anyone I know. I need to downgrade my friends.
  • Little Known Fact: Cincinnatus was the name of Ulysses S Grant’s horse.
  • Ideal Business: I’m doing it. Web design on my own terms.
  • First Game That Had You Hooked: Ultima II (on a Mac Plus)
  • Mac or PC: Mac. Since 1984.
  • Song You Are Currently Listening to: Sunshine On Leith (The Proclaimers)
  • Game/System You Are Looking Forward to the Most: Halo 3. I don’t get to play enough games any more – Halo is pretty much it, aside from the occasional Burnout:Revenge session.
  • Supernatural Power of Choice: Vision’s density control. When I was a kid, the idea that you could make your hand intangible, slide it into someone’s chest, and then solidify it… wow. Plus, it lets you fly, and makes you pretty damned strong if you go superdense. Truly versatile.
  • Most Expensive Thing You Ever Stole: We’re not talking about this. Not in public, anyway.
  • Favorite Arcade Game: Sinistar. I lost a LOT of quarters to that puppy…
  • Last Gadget Purchased: Hmm… Blue Snowball USB microphone. I actually bought it a long time ago, but it was broken when I got it, and it took them months to fix it. I JUST got it from the company in the mail two days ago. The project it was needed for was finished in July. :(
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, I think. Good people, good food, and a pretty relaxing day all around. (We’ve gotten into the habit of hosting it here – so I don’t even have to go anywhere.)
  • Current Trend You Least Understand: That would require that I knew about some current trends. Sorry.
  • Simon or Garfunkel: Simon. Garfunkel was nothing without him.
  • Historical Figure You Would Reanimate: FRANKENSTEIN! (The monster, not the doctor. Cause he’s been there before.) Um… well, not really. Maybe Shakespeare. There’s a great Asimov short story I keep meaning to find again; two kids figure out how to bring Shakespeare to the present. He goes to college, and miserably fails a Shakespeare course; he misses all the symbolism.
  • Dogs, Cats, Birds or Wombats: Dogs. Big dogs, specifically. Little ones yap too much. I can tolerate cats, but they’re so damn ungrateful. Birds don’t belong in cages at all, should NOT be pets. And I hear wombats crap on your sofa.
  • Movie Quote: Shoot straight, ya bastards, and don’t make a mess of it! (Breaker Morant)

    Thanks so much Louis Wu for giving us a great kick off for the new home for the 22. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Some of you may have noticed I have changed a few of the questions so things didn’t get stale (assuming they hadn’t already). Stay tuned for next week and see who is lined up for the interview then.

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  1. #LINK D0913 T2317
    XerxdeeJ wrote...


    Always wanted to be able to say that here.

    So wait… there is a website where we can go and check out what everyone in the Halo Community is up to? I should really check that out. I bet we could get a lot of hits if we made friends over there.

    Of course, I kid…

    Thanks for stopping by, Master Wu.

  2. #LINK D0914 T0910
    Stuicide wrote...

    Sweet interview. I like the tweaks to the questions.

    And you finally got Louis Wu. Things are good now.

  3. #LINK D0914 T1056
    Jungle Animal wrote...

    The guest keep getting better and better. Who’s next? Wait, I bet it is Franky. Oh wait, maybe it will be J Allard. Oh I know, it will be Bill Gates Himself!

    Once again, nice work snagging a great interview.


  4. #LINK D0914 T1143
    Sunburned Goose wrote...

    I agree, always improving on the guest list. Nice home you have here. Who’s the deocrator?

    Glad you survived your fall Wu (cringes a bit to think about it), hate to imagine a world without HBO.

  5. #LINK D0914 T1222
    Dweezle wrote...

    Thanks for the compliments everyone. I have been lucky enough to have interviewed some awesome people, its true.

    Good point Goose, that made me cringe alot. Loosing alot of teeth and bleeding alot, goosebumps….

  6. #LINK D0914 T1232
    Cleanbeats wrote...

    Awesome addition to the 22 questions family. Nice new home for them also…...

  7. #LINK D0914 T1423
    Rawpower95 wrote...

    Now we can finally delve into Louis’s soul, find out what drives him…

    Actually now we just know that he likes big dogs and Shaespeare.

  8. #LINK D0914 T1449
    Mintz wrote...

    When you think about it… if that someone hadn’t seen Wu fall… would any of us be here right now?

    Thank God you’re OK, Wu! =)

  9. #LINK D0914 T1511
    XerxdeeJ wrote...

    Well, I would be here, but no one else would be.

  10. #LINK D0914 T1522
    Jobyn wrote...

    But if Wu fell, and nobody was there to see it, would he make a sound?

  11. #LINK D0914 T1624
    Rawpower95 wrote...

    And anyone have said a wort about it?

    I’ll stop acting like Stuntumutt now…

  12. #LINK D0915 T0758
    Locke wrote...

    Sinistar, wow great game. I remember playing that game hours at a time, trying to mine those little crystals in time. My defeat was inevitable. Great to have the master stop by for a few words.

  13. #LINK D0916 T1223
    TTL Pink wrote...

    Another awesome addition to the 22Q crew.
    Great job Dweezle, et al.

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