D0828 T0059 Y2006A Night with Podtacular

The man behind the award winning, Unofficial Podcast of the Haloverse hosted a chat with yours truly this week. I was even invited to guest host Episode 78. Written word meets spoken word. Two new mediums [blog and podcast] sat down for a jam session about how much we love our new pastime [online multiplayer].

Foo Mo Jive, ringleader of Podtacular, is certainly no stranger to the Halo Community. Here are some things I learned on the other side of the mic…

1. Podcasting is worlds more complicated than blogging.

2. There is no backspace key that you can use to take back something you say on a Podcast that is stupid.

3. You can, like, make a telephone call through your computer.

4. Foo Mo is a gentleman and a scholar, and just as cool off the mic.

5. The Podtacular Listenership is filled with passionate gamers who are as committed to keeping the show packed with Halo fodder as they are to listening to it.

6. Someone needs to kick the asses of those Podtacular All Stars.

7. Despite all my rantings about glitching, I wouldn’t have the patience or skill to learn how to do most Halo tricks if I harbored a secret desire.

8. My wife worries about me when she walks into the room and I am talking to my computer about Halo.

9. Someone really needs to kick the asses of those Podtacular All Stars.

10. I play too much Halo.

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Comment 9

  1. #LINK D0828 T1136
    Locke wrote...

    You talk to your computer too? I thought I was the only one. Next time you face those guys you need to build a strategy centered upon ganging up on Fatal1ty.

  2. #LINK D0828 T1537
    Jungle Animal wrote...

    Great fun XeroxDeech. You are definately a hardcore gamer.

  3. #LINK D0829 T1332
    Arlo wrote...

    Good job. BTW, it’s called a Rube Goldberg Machine.

  4. #LINK D0829 T2048
    Stooch wrote...

    Good job with latest podtacular episode! Easily one of my faves. You should definatly guest host more often.

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I’m new here.

  5. #LINK D0829 T2132
    Mudshovel413 wrote...

    Great ‘Cast, I enjoyed it, as did Pink…LOL

  6. #LINK D0830 T1306
    Dialpex wrote...

    Yeah XeroxDJ… you did a great job man. It was one of the best episodes we had there. You should manage to be there again.
    Also thanks for all the notes you did for our community on this topic and also the potluck one too.

    Take care man..

  7. #LINK D0831 T0129
    Digital Dren wrote...

    i am glad you decided to do guest host the show. It felt like you were part of the Podtacular crew. It all so allowed me to find a great group of gamers to play Halo with.


  8. #LINK D0911 T1915
    TTL Pink wrote...

    Podcast was terrific!
    Nice hearing our faithful leader chatting it up with a bunch of halo nerds – much like ourselves! Kudos!!

  9. #LINK D0918 T2122
    Piemaster159 wrote...

    I saw what Xerxdeej put on bungie.net, name your fav map, mines coagulation

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