D0822 T0030 Y2005A Visit From the MASTER CHIEF Himself

UPDATE: Listen to our more recent interview with Steve Downes, recorded just prior to the launch of Halo 3.

Guerrilla Phone Interview: Episode ONE.
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It is with profoundest thanks that ‘Tied the Leader’ welcomes the Master Chief, more realistically known as Steve Downes.

As was blogged previously, Steve is a natioanally renowned voice-actor, Rock-n-Roll radio veteran, and overall on-air personality who calls WDRV in Chicago his home.

This week, he was gracious enough to sit for an interview about his experiences in lending vocal talents to Bungie in aid of their endeavor to bring the Master Chief to life. To maintain the faceless identity of The Chief, this interview was conducted via telephone from an undisclosed location.

I bid you welcome to listen in on our conversation.
I ask only several considerations…

1. I will not criticize the blogger for questionable audio quality, given the fact that a telephone mouthpiece was used as the recording element to make the best use of The Chief’s valuable time.

2. I will not beg The Chief to read copy for my upcoming Machinima project.

3. I will give The Chief’s radio show a listen the next time I have the chance.

Posted below are the results of our chat in 3 parts…

Introductions and reminiscences about how the gig with Bungie began.

Commentary on the impact of the Halo phenomenon.

Predictions about the HALO movie, and words for the fans!

To hear more from Steve Downes, you can LISTEN LIVE and stream the broadcast of his morning-rush radio show directly to your desktop.

Using the links at left, enjoy the Man Behind the Mjolnir lending 35 years of context to his first passion: Rock-n-Roll.

“Respect the Music

SOUND OFF, Marines! This is your chance to give a shout-out to The Chief.

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  1. #LINK D0821 T2249
    Frogwart wrote...
    Dague, thank you for sharing this with us!

    It’s always a pleasure to hear the voice of the Chief, Steve Downes.

    Many people may have all ready seen it, but I noticed just the other day that you can catch a very (very) brief glimpse of Steve in the portion of the behind the scenes dvd that showcases the voice actors. I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention the first three hundred times I watched it.

    I’d also like to thank Steve for taking the time to answer Dague’s questions. I’ll be checking out his show this week.
  2. #LINK D0822 T0024
    Lacrimosa wrote...
    That interview was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful clip trilogy!

    That I need a weapon snippet just made my day :)
  3. #LINK D0822 T0208
    kaboris wrote...
    Living in Japan I was forced at first to purchase a localized version of Halo 2 in Japanese meaning no Steve Downes only Tani Atsuki’s best attempt as Master Chief. Tani Atsuki reminded me of Buzz Lightyear Yikes. I since purchased an English copy but I lent it out to a friend in Japan who was jonesing to play the English version more than I. The “I need a weapon” snippet set off a switch in my head. “Drop what your are doing! Must get English copy back!!!”

    BTW, I enjoy Steve Downes’ show from time to time over the internet. Not as good as a mouthful of Lou Malanatis Pizza but it helps keep my connected. Always appreciated!

    Steve Christofferson
    Gamertag: Kaboris
  4. #LINK D0822 T0803
    mercury wrote...
    Nice, Deej…

    I’ve listened to Steve on the drive a lot since Halo came out, and I thought it was curious I hadn’t seen more fan interaction, interviews etc…

    You asked some great quetions, I couldn’t really think of anything else I’d have wanted you to ask.

    Keep it up.
  5. #LINK D0822 T1419
    Cowboy Coop wrote...
    That was a great interview. He sounded like a genuinely nice, humble guy. I suppose I’d be humble too if I was responsible for helping to create a character who has been called a “bitch” more frequently, and by more human beings than any other person aO” real or fictional aO” in the entire history of the world.
  6. #LINK D0822 T1419
    action wrote...
    nice work. my favorite part is when he talks about killin’ noobs.

    great q’s xd, and great responses from the chief. sounds like a really cool guy.

    i know a lot of radio personalities work the strip club scene…can you imagine?

    “sexy fantasia needs a weapon…”
  7. #LINK D0822 T1450
    jonnycams wrote...
    Great innterview. I live in Chicago, and had no idea he was on the radio. I’ll deffinately have to listen to his show now.
  8. #LINK D0822 T1804
    AngelicLionheart wrote...
    Mr. Downes, you are a good, good fellow. Here’s hoping that this isn’t the last we hear from you, and that we will soon hear your familiar voice over the speakers of a cinemplex nearby.

    Thanks so much for the interview, and for being a part of this awesome community of fans of this awesome company, Bungie.

  9. #LINK D0822 T1840
    Anonymous wrote...
    Awesome interview! It’s getting great plugs all over the Halo news sites. I really enjoyed listening.
  10. #LINK D0822 T1845
    wayn0ka wrote...
    Great job!

    And it was nice of Fock to let you de-level him in matchmaking last night while he did all this mixing work for you. Did you tell him that he’s now a -1 in team slayer?
  11. #LINK D0823 T0445
    halo freak.. wrote...
    wow!...it’s the master chief himself….i was always a master chief fan!!!...i hope he gets the script for the halo movie…we would like you to star in the movie!...your the best!!!
  12. #LINK D0823 T0544
    DarkMageGL wrote...
    Well that was very interesting…Hearing the guy who is the voice actor of the Master Chief has made my day…I am praying that they give him the script for the MC actor…It wouldnt be the same having someone like vin diesel or whoever trying to be the master chief shakes head not at all…

    Anyways…Halo 3 and the movie are both going to rock! I was worrying a bit about the movie that it was gonna turn into another Resident Evil style crapness…But i now have faith in bungie and microsoft…

    Thankyou for sharing this interview with us, i loved every second of it


    Gamertag: DarkMageGL
  13. #LINK D0823 T0950
    Dague wrote...
    From Steve Downes via e-Mail:

    Great job, David. The feedback has been amazing.

    Best of luck,

    Semper Fi

  14. #LINK D0823 T1123
    Anonymous wrote...
    A great interview, well done actually getting it in the first place. I really appreciated hearing about Mr Downes opinon on the whole SAG deal and how his thoughts on how the movie may turn out.

    As for the voice of Master Chief in the movie, Mr Downes has my vote.
  15. #LINK D0824 T0057
    Antwan wrote...
    I am a huge fan of the halo series games and books. Its funny because every time I see a MC line in the book I try to imagin ur voice saying the line. And I would be very supperised if u dont get the part in the movie. I live probably to far away to listin to your show tear but if i could i would.

    Hope u do more interviews as the Halo 3 and the movie comes out.

    Gamertag: DarkShredder15
  16. #LINK D0824 T1109
    Joe wrote...
    I loved Downes’ work on Halo 2, and I even knew that it had to be the Steve Downes from 97.1FM before any of this, Because I love that radio station I listen to it when ever I wake up because my alarm is set to that station. So I get to hear it through a good stereo, not my PC Speakers. I have also E-mailed him a couple times, and its probably because of these kinds of things that he gets so much spam that he can’t relpy to much E-mails.
    Gamertag: Jodakiller117
  17. #LINK D0824 T1448
    Cajun Stew wrote...
    I agree with frogwart, danjam and halo freak. oh, and Master Cheif…You kick ass! :)
  18. #LINK D0824 T1503
    Gamer tag: Cajun Stew wrote...
    I also agree with antwan. and I live to far away 2 because I, as u should know, live in Louisiana. Yes, we’re not stupid, we know about Halo 2 to!

    1 of Halo’s biggest fans, Cajun Stew
  19. #LINK D0825 T2205
    The pink Chief wrote...
    Dude that interview was awsome! I cant wait for the Halo movie, and, of course, Halo 3! I really hope Steve does the voice in the Halo movie, if he didnt it would ruin the character. Anyways, great job on the games Steve, and of course everyone at Bungie. Oh, and I’m with lobbysob, I almost cried when he said, “I need a weapon,” also.
  20. #LINK D0827 T0845
    Jess wrote...
    Steve Downes sounds like an incrediblely down-to-earth, intelligent, and very likable guy. Thanks for posting the interview with him.


    P.S. What does he look like? It’d be nice to put a face with the voice?
  21. #LINK D0828 T1443
    ArchDuke721 wrote...
    Dude, that was so awsome! I am totally going to listen to his show some time. I think it would be cool if he appeared on RedvsBlue.
  22. #LINK D0828 T1849
    steve117 wrote...
    Steve, Thanks a alot

    I live in canada so its not that easy for me to listen to Steve but since i found out about it on the Internet im going to listen every morning. This is my first time listing to Steve outside the game so I thank you. At first when i was listenig to him speak I was thinking this can’t be him but then when i heard “I NEED A WEAPON” then i truly knew it was him.

    Thanks Steve if Bungie never choose you the game would neer be the same thnxs alot can’t wait to play as you in the next game.
  23. #LINK D0830 T1128
    lord mdeath wrote...
    I was out of town for a while so I just listened to the interview and IaO™ve got to say all aspects of it were great. Good questions. Makes me wonder if Dague has done this sort of thing before. Interesting responses. In regards to the movie, I agree with everyone else. Steve has got my vote for the part. After all, the Chief will no doubt be wearing his helmet for most of the movie if not all of it. So voice over work James Earl Jones/Darth Vader style is a most for this character…in my opinion.
  24. #LINK D0902 T2018
    Anonymous wrote...
    that was pretty cool. Chief’s voice is killer. I don’t think anyone has to worry about Steve doing the voice acting. If he didnt, this movie would go down the crapper. I have a feeling that teh movie might be Computer Animated becasue some of the key voice actors dont look anything like they do in both of the games. The voice of Sargeant Johnson for example. Sarge is already an elder guy, but the real voice actor is a lot older. Thats what I think anyway.
  25. #LINK D0526 T1659
    Nick wrote...
    great interview! First time I had ever heard his voice outside the game. I later found his photo, looks like a good guy.

    (copy & paste this link)


    Also, nice touch with the music!
    You should interview him again, possibly after “Halo 3” debuts in 2007, get an update on how he’s doing, what’s the status of the movie, and talk more about how he got to being a DJ for the rock station. To me, that is one of THE most interesting stories I’ve heard about in games – a rock DJ is the voice of one of the biggest bad asses in gaming! NICE!
  26. #LINK D0611 T0000
    steve117 wrote...

    DATE: 8/29/2005 06:50:11 PM
  27. #LINK D0611 T0000
    Stemor 61 wrote...

    DATE: 8/26/2005 08:48:38 PM
    I think Steve should be the voice of the Master Chief because it would ruin the whole MC character.I think that Steve was meant to be the voice of MC in the game and in the movie.It is great to hear from the voice of a game’s main character in a way that they aren’t being that character in that moment,just being themselves.
  28. #LINK D0611 T0000
    DanJam wrote...

    DATE: 8/24/2005 10:24:31 AM
    Awesome interview! Great to hear the person behind the voice of the MC.
  29. #LINK D0611 T0000
    lobbysob wrote...

    DATE: 8/23/2005 08:30:32 PM
    I almost cried when he said “I need a weapon.”
  30. #LINK D0611 T0000
    Fock wrote...

    DATE: 8/23/2005 02:33:45 PM
    Master Chief R A W K S !

    Thanks for the interview Steve. The Master Chief is iconic and your touch is a big part of that.
  31. #LINK D0611 T0000
    Quartermann wrote...

    DATE: 8/23/2005 06:25:50 AM
    Yeah, as Lacrimosa said that clip was pretty bad ass. I think I’ll probably be listening to that rush hour every morning so that when he says the traffic, it’ll be like Master Chief is doing it himself.

    At any rate, again, good post.
  32. #LINK D0311 T0928
    Halo-Obsessed wrote...

    Incredible. The Master Chief has been my hero ever since the first time I played Halo. My heart jumped into my throat when I heard “I need a weapon”. I really hope you get the part as MC in the movie Mr. Downes, it wouldn’t be right without you.

  33. #LINK D0702 T1825
    The Biggest halo Fan wrote...

    O M G “I need a weapon” Just what everyone needed to hear great, dude your AWESOMETASTIC

  34. #LINK D0928 T2158
    Reciever80 wrote...

    Which clip does he say “I need a weapon?” lol. Thats awesome that u got an interview with him. He sounds like a great guy, i wish i could meet him. :/. Too bad the movie got canceled …. i wish i could have seen it

    also i’m trying to setup xbox live, but my house is pretty messed up like that

    my gamertag would probably be dontholdback619

  35. #LINK D0928 T2201
    Reciever80 wrote...

    o yea, about the cousin thing and the autographs, lmao xD. I would be one of those kids. ;D

  36. #LINK D0928 T2218
    Reciever80 wrote...

    eh looks like the halo movie is up and running, and i found the “i need a weapon”

    awesome :D

  37. #LINK D0928 T2242
    Reciever80 wrote...

    Hears a link to a really cool trailer of the Halo Movie i found: i dont think its the official one, but it still looks cool:


  38. #LINK D1001 T0109
    Spec ops Grunt (cheyenne Treadwell) wrote...

    Awesome interview even thought my life is screwed up that just made my day the chief should check out my bebo page even though its not that great either cool im getting halo 3 hope fully friday in new zealand time thankz for that

  39. #LINK D0207 T0933
    Master Chief Lova wrote...

    I Love Halo!

  40. #LINK D0222 T2255
    halo wrote...

    you should get the part of vioce but win master cief tacks off his hellment they should have the guy ho plays in the transporter

  41. #LINK D0627 T0952
    tj wrote...

    halo rocks so much .i even some times wish i was master cief while im playing the level halo.

  42. #LINK D0924 T1332
    Elite Supreme Commander wrote...

    For quite some time i wondered, who will they make Master Chief look like when they do decide to show his face.

  43. #LINK D0124 T2337
    spartan-117 wrote...

    iv been a huge fan ov halo ever scince it came out and il have to say it is the best game in the history of my life and xbox! but thers one thing i wish i could do, i wish i could be one of the voice actors for any of the halo games even if i could be one of the maries!just so i could be on te best game ever!

  44. #LINK D0124 T2339
    spartan-117 wrote...

    iv been a huge fan ov halo ever scince it came out and id have to say it is the best game in the history of my life and xbox! but thers one thing i wish i could do, i wish i could be one of the voice actors for any of the halo games even if i could be one of the marines!just so i could be on te best game ever!

  45. #LINK D0124 T2340
    spartan-117 wrote...

    iv been a huge fan ov halo ever scince it came out and id have to say it is the best game in the history of my life and xbox! but thers one thing i wish i could do, i wish i could be one of the voice actors for any of the halo games even if i could be one of the marines!just so i could be on the best game ever!

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