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A lot of gamers might boast to you that their exploits and campaigns in a title like Halo makes them more dangerous in real life.

There are some good arguments on either side as to the truth behind this notion. Geek.com will tell you that video games will make your surgeon a little more accurate – to say that precision with a Plasma Sword amounts to precision with a scalpel. On the other side of the fence that intersects this debate are the number of gamers I have placed on a firing line with a real live shottie in their controller-trained hands. I can safely tell you that a drawer filled with Killtacular medals does not amount to ability to kill an orange frisbee as it tries to escape your scatter of shot.

What about the flip side, though? How does real life effect your gaming? Do Hiring-Managers at work make good Overlords? Does a white-knuckled Commuter who holds a line in the fast lane during rush-hour make a good Warthog Pilot? Any airline pilots out there to pull wonders in a Banshee?

Sound off, fellow gamer. Share with us instances in which a fellow clanner or a member of your friends list reflected a little of their personality online. As an example, I have shared in the post above a story about one of my clanners who benefitted us all from the teachings of a career in the military.

I ask you:
When we jack into the box, how much of ourselves to do we bring with us?

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    Lupey wrote...
    Just my humour. Washing dishes and sleeping through class don’t help much with my Halo skills (Or my GPA, but that’s always been dandy).
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    Stuicide wrote...
    Sweet blog Deej.

    Although I may not bring myself into the gaming world, the gaming world has started to come with on a daily basis. I notice that I pay attention a lot more now (not in class silly). Halo keeps your eyes and ears wide open and intently waiting. It has kept me from being fragged in the middle of school.
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    Louis Wu wrote...
    Heh – I’m not sure if I have any real-life skills that translate to something useful in the Halo arena… but I can tell you that back in the mid-90s, countless hours of playing Marathon certainly made a difference the first time I ever went in to play Laser Tag. I owned the place – and I attribute it ALL to Marathon. :)

    (When I think seriously about your question, though, I realize that there’s a pretty serious disconnect between my real-life persona and the style of gamer I play as; on the Halo battlefield, I tend to be relatively aggressive (if you can call charging to my death over and over again agressive), whereas in real life, I’m a bit more thoughtful. Hmm…)
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    LegendaryMark wrote...
    Nice concept, and the more I thought about it the more I realised it was true to me. I’m at uni studying computer science and maths, I have a brain very suited to that sort of logical reasoning with the bit of creativity required to reach nice solutions. Hence, I’ll often be flanking the enemy and creeping into the base, very good at tactics and objective games like that. Happened to me yesterday, actually.

    Nice blog post, as usual :)
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    mike h wrote...
    I’d say that my personality is taken into the Halo 2 online when I play. I’m the kind of guy who likes to stand back, observe, and contribute when needed or when I’ll be most effective. I’m not the guy arguing – I’m the guy listening to two people argue and figuring out who I think is right or wrong. etc, etc, etc.

    I kind of play the same way in Halo 2. Unless it’s a slayer game I don’t tend to jump in and start messing up the enemy right away. I enjoy waiting and looking for opportunities to help win the game.
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    T Munday wrote...
    You COULD say that my real-life persona carries over into the Halosphere. As my fellow clanmates can attest to, I’m a gear-head and hot-rodder at heart; is it any surprise that I’m most often found filling a seat in a rolling triple kill…er…Warthog.

    Other then that though, not really. I’m passive, more or less, in life…not much gets under my skin, but online…oh boy. Cheaters, modders, or being accused thereof, and spawnkillers piss me off. Almost as much a busting my knuckles on a sharp edge. Or welding without flipping my face shield down first.
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    solidmercury wrote...
    I work in the architecture field, and I do notice a few things…

    First, I have a strong sense of space, layouts of maps, etc, so I find I am a little better at knowing where people are at all times… and since I’m not that great a player it at least helps my team when I call out relatively exact enemy locations as I die. Which is at least better than saying, “there were two by the rocks!!1” There are a whole freaking lot of rocks on Containment, people.

    I also notice that I’m constantly thinking of how I would draw each base, map etc… Again not really helping myself.

    As far as demeanor, I’m find myself more in Louis’ boat; really laid back in life, and really uptight in Halo. I never really know why.
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    Zach wrote...
    Interesting read. I have to say I’m something along the lines of Luois Wu (see comment). In real life I’m a bit dorky and goofy, but I am thoughtful and reasonably cautious.

    However I have the most powerful adrenaline (relative to my normal behaviour) in the world. I can easily go from my normal mode to totally aggressive.

    In a game of basketball I’m quick and very aggressive, while not being able to put the ball into the net, I’m a decent defensive opponent.

    I was never able to do this before Halo 1, and Halo 2 only increased this. So I think video games could serve as an effective mind trainer, but not so much with the physical aspects of something.
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    Mintz08 wrote...
    In real life I’m a 4.0GPA HS student. That bleeds over in my Halo gameplay because I’m able to calculate the trojectory of a grenade throw using advanced Algebra II concepts. For example. Master Chief. Grenades. Simply plug in a couple numbers in a graphing calculator (such as y= -Xsquared/14 for the arc of a grenade throw) plus a variable for the opponent (who could be a solid integer, since they’re usually so predictable) and it results in amazing grenade throws!
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    Carl Spackl3r wrote...
    Spackl3r here (I forgot my login!):

    My real life training as an assistant superintendent caring for and manicuring about 110 acres of golf course property rolls over into my ability to keep Coagulation nice and clean for you. Notice how when you’re running across after you blew up the ‘hog you never trip and you never see a long blade of grass. That’s me. ;-)
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    Anonymous wrote...
    I do drive 9 hours a day. In a vehicle similar in size and shape to a warthog. I love driving the warthog, but I find halo bleeding more into real life as I try to time my brakes just right in a 90 degree turn to get my back end to swing behind me oh so perfectly. I also named one of the offices I go to “red base.” And as a kickboxing instructor, I can tell you that real life experience does squat in a punchout game.
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    wog wrote...
    Just had to get a shout to the dude w/ the sweet o/u. you checked out the new cynergys?
    later on
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    Thrash 777 wrote...
    I don’t know anyone quite as good as me at sticking, and I constnatly get an ear full from my team mates about it when they get one in the face.

    This is reflected in real life by my ablity to throw and catch very well, as I play for a Ultimate Frisbee team, as well as play table tennis.
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    wayn0ka wrote...

    DATE: 2/07/2006 08:32:24 PM
    Who are those sexy guys in the photo? Do you have their numbers?
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    Arlo wrote...

    DATE: 2/03/2006 02:31:56 PM
    I bitch and whine like a little fucking girl. That’s what I bring to the game: hissy fits.
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    CYBRFRK wrote...

    DATE: 2/03/2006 07:05:06 AM
    Can my Halo skills bleed over into real life? Not really. In real life I work on computer systems all day and am on the phone with a headset. My hands are constantly working and I’m always trying to get that pointer onto the mouse pointer onto the right place.
    Then again, that pretty much describes a few hours on XBL. Just the opposite of Louis Wu, I’m a cut-throat business man and in XBL I’m there for gaming fun.

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