D0825 T0753 Y2005P.O.V. meets F.P.S.

Despite our most (or, at least, my most) cynical evaluations of Hollywood and its collective inability (or outright refusal) to embrace the Gaming Culture, the film adaptation of DOOM is starting to look like a gift for the gamer. With weapon-wielding Point Of View shots threaded throughout action sequences, you could not ask for a more literal translation of the First Person Shooter genre. This film is putting the Doom fan first. Pedestrian viewers may even fail to be entertained by the homage in putting the audience in the shoes of the Marines.

Their hearts are in the right place. Let’s see if they pump the right blood.

Click this link to watch the newest trailer and see what I am blogging about.
This looks campy, this looks silly, this features Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for crying out loud. But a fellow Geek who is among the most cynical of the Geeks has conceded upon review of the trailer that this film “has a flask of Jamesons in my pocket written all over it…” Gametime.

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  1. #LINK D0825 T0830
    Pachango wrote...
    This is a movie that will require mass quantites of intoxicants before viewing.
  2. #LINK D0825 T0852
    Pachango wrote...
    Oh yeah, it’s good to see that “The Rock” has started using his real name. Now he’s a REAL actor!!
  3. #LINK D0825 T1226
    Fock wrote...
    mmm. It doesn’t look like it’s captured the creepy feel the way Doom 3 did. The Rock should be good – he’s proven himself to be a very good actor (see Be Cool). But of course I’ll see it. Maybe even high.
  4. #LINK D0825 T1242
    Dague wrote...
    It is unfortunate that Professional Wrestlers draw that type of scorn. I must admit to falling prey to the prejudice.

    Upon further review, I have decided that The Rock is a misunderstood poet of our Era.

    Sidenote: Tied the Leader does not condone drug use of any sort. Except Advil and Marlboro, of course. And then there is Caffeine. I suppose liquor has its place in the world too. Ah, shit. It is such a slippery slope.

    Retraction: Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em, Fock.
  5. #LINK D0825 T1646
    Magnum177 wrote...
    I’m right there with ya Fock, except scratch the “maybe” part! :) I think that they could pull off some really creepy shit with that camerawork, we’ll just have to wait and see. I must say that the filmakers on this project have already exceeded my expectations (Of course the last doom I played seriously was doom 2 years and years ago).

    If you smell… what the Rock… is cookin! (I miss those days :)
  6. #LINK D0825 T1742
    carl spackler wrote...
    fock, you know i have a special blend of it on my golf course, get stoned to the bejeezus after a long day.
  7. #LINK D0826 T0658
    pachango wrote...

    Yeah, I’m with you fock—everybody running around saying “oh, its got The Rock in it” like that’s a bad thing. And all the while, I’m thinking, “gee, I kind of like him. Funny guy.”

    Yeah, but as long as he keeps doing that stupid eyebrow thing he does I’ll never take him seriously. He’s got potential, though.
  8. #LINK D0826 T0805
    Fock wrote...
    Pachango, you have to watch Be Cool. He makes fun of himself doing the eyebrow thing. He’s a good actor.
  9. #LINK D0826 T1003
    Demag0gue wrote...
    I don’t dislike the Rock (though I have seen better actors), but I wish Hollywood would find some fresh talent. It gets a little old and stale after a while to see the same faces on the silver screen all the time.
  10. #LINK D0826 T1134
    wayn0ka wrote...
    You think Hollywood is bad? The last WWE Summerslam’s main event was between Shawn Michael and HULK HOGAN. He’s like 80, and has an artificial hip and knee. Between the two of them they have less hair than Homer Simpson.

    So compared to wrestling, Hollywood looks freakin fresh faced!
  11. #LINK D0612 T0000
    Richard wrote...

    DATE: 8/25/2005 12:32:51 PM
    Yeah, I’m with you fock—everybody running around saying “oh, its got The Rock in it” like that’s a bad thing. And all the while, I’m thinking, “gee, I kind of like him. Funny guy.”

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