D1028 T2221 Y2005Play That Funky Modded Map, WyTe BoY

Meet WyTe BoY 81. He is a cheater – at least for now. A clever one, too. He can alter your Rocket Launcher so that it shoots trains. In saying this, I don’t mean that your SPNKr can inflict damage on the Monorails that are such a pain [and that’s the truth] on Terminal. When I tell you that your Rocket Launcher shoots trains, I mean to say that a train leaves the barrel of the gun when you pull the trigger. WyTe BoY is also a super-speedy runnin’ fool [actual Objective Route depicted below].

Some members of The Gunslingers met WyTe BoY on Terminal through some blind matchmaking last night, and then had the displeasure of playing audience to his zig-zagging flag-carring act. Our first realization that we had become the butt of a cheater’s joke came when I fired a rocket in their base, thus spawning a train snaking its way across the map like a Sandworm of Arrakis. Before I could chant “Shai-Hulud!”, I was put down by a single shot fired from the barrel of a shotgun at an impossible distance.

Of all my experiences fighting against cheaters, this one was the most fun. By the end of the match we were experimenting with our new Train Cannon, laying down barriers in our base to prevent flag scoring. Thanks for the bullshit, slick. It was a good laugh.

You know that I have to report your spineless ass. Right WyTe BoY? You gots your game. I gots mine. Smile, jackass. You are on Candid Blogspot.

One word of wisdom for Glycerine 8 [who remarked in the post-game lobby that he would love, for just once, to be on the winning side of a modded game]: When you lie down with Modders, you wake up with a gamertag ban. Steer clear of the near beer.

A copy of this post has been sent to h2cheats@microsoft.com, as well as to Tied the Leader’s new partner crime-fighter: The Halo2Cheaters.com portal maintained by the PraetoriaGuard.

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D1031 T0755
    Fozma wrote...
    A reference to marxist theology and classic sci-fi in the space of two posts.

    Deej, i need to get you on my friends list. :D
  2. #LINK D1031 T0816
    DeeJ wrote...
    The gamertag is XerxdeeJ. Hit me up.
  3. #LINK D1031 T0917
    AirExplosive wrote...
    Damn.. Can’t believe I missed that. A rocket launcher that shoots trains, just.. wow.

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