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If you haven’t heard the story yet, I would like to introduce you to a HALO2 clan who has joined the Fight Against Cancer. And what did your clan do this week?

Trick question: What is better than a HALO2 LAN Party?

In the opinions of this LAN Partyin’ blogger, the answer is: “Abso-fragging-lutely Nothing!” When thrill-seeking adults come together to celebrate the phenomenon of competitive multiplayer, the essence of the pastime gets ratcheted up a notch or four. If you have been to a LAN Party, then you know that the best way to experience team chat is by breathing the same smoke-filled air as of your team.

However, the crew of gamers that comprise the 2old2play WEST Clan found a way to make a HALO2 LAN Party even better. Their recent social gathering raised proceeds that were donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And you thought the Battle Rifle was only good for stamping out n00bs. In the hands of the right event planner, it also an effective iron in the battle against blood cancer.

Talk about a brilliant setup for an event. I fully intend to rip it off. After all, organizing a good LAN Party can be a difficult bear to wrastle. Typically, the hardest thing to secure is space and equipment. Once the LAN is built, there are [of course] those secondary elements that contribute to the Party: Food. Beverages. That section of the recipe tends to vary from Clan to Clan. Within the ranks of a community like the one fostered by the 2o2p cadre, gamers can assemble and ante up with their wallets in the interest of strutting their skills in a live competitive environment .

And wouldn’t you know it? With a polite phone call or seven, organizations can be enlisted in the effort who are willing to help a bunch of gamers bound together in aid of a good charity. This is not some sort of dodge or hustle. Your heart has to be in the right place to do anything for charity. If that thing happens to be hosting a LAN Party for your HALO2 Clan… Well, everyone wins. Except for those poor, distracted souls whose flag was captured. They lose. But they still win! Except for the fact that their flag got captured.

In the end, the 2old2play WEST Clan threw $367 towards research that saves more lives than they took in search of bragging rights and a splatter medal. 12 West Coast multiplayer enthusiasts had a rocking good time. All of this for a couple hundred dollars in startup costs.

[Depicted: cheapbamboo, MancoTheGR8, Money503, ShakesItUp, CrypticA, SwooshDave, CheckUrSix, and BatmanPDX, and friends]

Cheapbamboo shared with Tied the Leader these comments about the Tournament structure for this event:

“The tournament was very low key. We purposely structured it so that it would be accessible to wide range of people. It was eight rounds, all FFA game types, mostly weapon specific except for a regular slayer game on Ivory Tower and a Bonus Fiesta game on Turf. We did an all Needler on Ascension, Shotguns on Midship, Swords on Lockout, stuff like that. Then we used a raffle system for prizes. First place through fifth got the most raffle tickets, and sixth through tenth got one ticket each. There were only ten people playing in the tourney. We figured this way anyone, regardless of skill level, would have a chance of winning the grand prize.”

“The Grand Prize?” you ask. The lucky raffled winner at this event was presented with a steel-bound collector’s edition of HALO2, donated and autographed by none other than the development team at Bungie.net.

[Depicted: event planners cheapbamboo and MancoTheGR8 with their eyes on the prize]

This fragtastic happening was also made possible through donations by the following organizations who agree that battling illness and defending your flag against being captured are both fine causes…

Sunrise Identity: donation of cool Halo 2 magnets.
lcd2go: donation of four projectors, screens, and setup for 75% off!
Phoenix Inn Suites: donation of the banquet room for 12 hours.
Pizza Schmizza: discounted price for pizzas
Subway: donation of two delicious platters of cookies

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