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Announcing a new feature: ‘Letters to the Editor’

Actually, such would not be a new feature. This column has answered several letters, or e-Mails, or whatever. The announcement just drags the exchange into the realm of Official Practice. The Editor of ‘Tied the Leader’ is always interested in what members of the gaming community [to be interperated: YOU] are thinking. Most of the posts in this vast wasteland of gaming-related time-killers are designed to jar you out of your corner, to bring you out swinging like a flag-carrier with their back to the wall.

At times, the passion behind these responses can be surprising. The dialogue between the readers takes on a life of its own. Those are the better days in the lifespan of a blog. It can be a challenge to find those issues that warrant more than an unspoken “hmmmm…” Flame wars are easy to start and messy to put out. The communication of an idea that gives flight to complimentary ideas that can be hard.

Your voice is always welcome here, you game-addicted surf-aholic. You know this, don’t you? Even if what you have to say is in stark disagreement with the thoughts and opinions listed on these pages. So long as you are respectful – your voice has a seat at this table. Gamers are a contentious crowd by nature. After all, don’t we constantly agree to disagree over Xbox Live?

“We want the neutral bomb.”
“No, that bomb is ours. We want it.”
“Be that as it may, I am going to detonate it in that filthy dive you call a base.”
“Not if this Rocket Launcher has ANYTHING to say about it, you elitist neat freak.”

“Leave me out of this, fellas. I am over here in the corner deleveling with a grenade. I miss the days when I was a 14…”

This blog has long been operated like a Monarchy. Too long. You are welcome to submit an article of your very own. Apply some careful strokes to that keyboard, fellow gamer. Tell your story. Voice your complaint. Sing your praise. Out a cheater! ‘Tied the Leadeer’ seeks to draft your voice into active service. Use this thread to share your perceptions on gamer culture. Your topic. Your words. Define the world in which you play.

This is for the constant reader who has found themselves thinking:
“I have a rant that deserves to be heard, but I have no interest in starting my own blog…”

Try not to go all manifesto, now. No one wants to scroll through five screens worth of pixelated real estate to reap your gist. Hold your comments to three or four effective paragraphs, if you can. It is hard. I know.

Of course, in submitting a Letter to the Editor, your acceptance of the following agreement is implied:

-I agree to allow my comments to be repurposed for an article on this blog

-I expect no other compensation than that of a writing credit

-I understand that my comments will be answered; perhaps even countered

-I realize that The Editor is an unsufferable smart-ass, and may have a little well-intended fun at my expense

-I have been informed that my comments may not be responded to at all, in which case I will settle for feeling better having gotten them off my chest

Wishing everyone a good game…

Posted by XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D0125 T1624
    Lupey wrote...
    Funny how this hasn’t gotten one comment, nary a ‘hmm…’ in sight. Oh well. I doubt I’d ever turn in a letter to the editor (just because I lack anything of interest to say), but I like this idea, Deej. let the community speak up, so to say.

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