D1012 T1232 Y2005CLAN Recruitment Slump

Calling all members of the n00b Whackers Association [a Clan of HALO gamers self-described as Clan NWA]

Our numbers of active gamers begin to dwindle. While our membership seems healthy [42 members in total at press time], our ranks have suffered significant attrition. This merry band of geeks is rapidly hemorrhaging good fighting men. On a good night, there are only three or four of us online – at the most. I fear that we would be hard-pressed to muster the forces required to effectively participate in a Major Clan Match with our current compliment of Mjolnir-clad couch warlords.

Perhaps, as the populist glow of HALO diminishes, gamers on XBL are putting down the Battle Rifle in favor of the steering wheel or the baseball bat. Perhaps our lack of action [no offense to action thaxten] has rendered our most constant gamers vulnerable to invitations from more prolific clans. Whatever the cause, a call to arms for active recruitment must resume effective immediately!

Call to Arms #1: We need a new name. Thanks to a recommendation garnered from the biblical scholarship of Pastor, NWA Praetorian sounded pretty tough. However, the root-theme has long been taken by these blokes. Some of those Praetorians have gone so far as to have their uniform player icons tattooed to their bodies. Even with countless hours wasted on a fanblog, I certainly cannot step to that. Time to respect turf and fly a new banner. Sound off in the comments portion of this post with recommendations for our new squad moniker. I am partial to NWA Tie Fighters, but that could be deemed as too self-referential for the team.

Call to Arms #2: We need fresh meat for the grinder. Quality, not quantity, Gentlemen. We know the sort of fighting stock we prefer. They are most likely the sort of fun loving gamer who can participate [in a positive manner] in the exchange of ideas and opinions in this forum. While an age threshold will not be rigorously imposed, Timmies are strictly verbotten. Rather than a Clan of no-scopers, let’s strive for a squad of gamers diverse in skillset.

So it begins. Upon my next foray into Xbox Live, an all points bulletin will be delivered through the Clan List interface within HALO2. The message will be clear: Stand up to be counted or be left behind, marooned on an older iteration of the NWA. In keeping with NWA tradition, the council of Overlords will be retained for all early adopters from the trusted ranks. New recruits will be assigned the trusted designation of ‘Member’.

To the readers of Tied the Leader: When was the last time you saw YOUR Clan? Looking for some agreeable team mates with whom to waste away your free time and bandwidth? Do you believe that “Good Game” are the finest words that can be spoken by a gamer?

You may yet find a disfunctional home with us. Contact any of the Overlords through this forum and arrange a meeting in Cyberspace. Be sure to share with us your gamertag.

Over and Out. >XerxdeeJ

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  1. #LINK D1012 T1338
    Fock wrote...
    I am agreeable to NWA Tie Fighters. To put another name out there for people to consider, I submit NWA Bob Saget.
  2. #LINK D1012 T1338
    Husker_turf wrote...

    Leaving was the hardest thing to do. I’ve really enjoyed my time with NWA and saying “Let’s just be friends” is just wrong. Don’t ever count me out on wishing for a return if you’d have me some day in the future. I just need to spread my wings and fly.

    Doesn’t this sound like a crappy break up letter?

    Alright, enough of the BS. Honestly, don’t count me out of any games. I’ve made a lot of friends through NWA and look forward to playing more games with you all. I know there are some folks on the 2o2p site that are looking for good clans for their kids, I’ll post an announcement.

    To all who are interested in joining, there isn’t a finer group of guys to play H2 with. They go so far as to open their house to you and chatting in a pre-game lobby is just like talking to a long time friend over the phone.
  3. #LINK D1012 T1423
    wayn0ka wrote...
    Who is Husker Turf?

    For clan name, how about

    “Team Icons Don’t Match”?

    “Destined for Drinking”?

    “NWA 33 1/3”?

    “Last NWA of Gilead”

    “A Fistful of Plasma”

    “Noob Combo is OK”

    “Sucks at Noob Combo”

    “F*** Bill Wirtz”

    “2Lazy2Play with 2Old2Play”

    “Doodirock is 25?”

    “Xerx’s Old Dogs”

    “Kids are Obscene”

    “NWA Wheezy E”

    “NWA No We’re White”

    “NWA Wash out your Mouth”

    “NWA Duck Hunt”

    “Orange Frisbee Killahs”

    “NWA Dead Like H Carey”

    “NWA Its Just A Game”

    Just a couple of ideas I had.
  4. #LINK D1012 T2228
    trig gov wrote...
    Black 13

    TTL Black 13

    (in this move, i vote to remove the NWA and replace with TTL)

    TTL Todash

    TTL Crimson Kings

    TTL Ties One On

    TTL No Timmie No

    TTL Sons of Gilead

    TTL Carson Daily (j/k)

    i mean, i could go on, but i don’t want to bury you guys with this post.

    great suggestion deej…let’s make sure we’re getting dedicated players this time around.

  5. #LINK D1013 T0543
    trig gov wrote...

    TTL Wolves of the Calla sounds pretty
    BA to me, and speaking of BA

    how about

    TTL BA Baracus!
  6. #LINK D1013 T0603
    wayn0ka wrote...
    Yeah, I like that TTL instead of NWA. Good idea!

    Johnny, next time you’re on, send a FR to either Xerxdeej or wayn0ka. We’ll add you to our existing clan, and we’ll keep everyone informed about upcoming changes.
  7. #LINK D1013 T1013
    Lord Mdeath wrote...
    I think I’m going to leave the name selection up to you guys. I do have one suggestion though…

    NWA I Feel Pretty

    Just has a certain ring to it.
  8. #LINK D1013 T1055
    Dague wrote...
    The TTL prefix warms the cockles of my rocket launcher.

    And Pastor followed up with a myriad of Dark Tower references.

    That puts Fock, Wayn0ka, Pastor, and myself within the same ka-tet of fandom.

    How about we dumb it down and go all…

    TTL Gunslingers
  9. #LINK D1013 T1113
    wayn0ka wrote...
    Tommy Likey.


    Just means that we’re going to have to play every game with Magnums only.

    I vote yes! Or TTL Duck Hunt.
  10. #LINK D1013 T1158
    wayn0ka wrote...
    Pachango back from the dead!
  11. #LINK D1014 T0807
    Fock wrote...
    Wayn0ka, “I feel pretty” is from West Side Story and is sung by Maria. Get your musicals right gay boy.

    Now, at the risk of sounding more ignorant than I already am, wtf is TTL?
  12. #LINK D1014 T0928
    DeeJ wrote...
    Fock said: “wtf is TTL?”


    TTL stands for Tied the Leader.

    While we are asking questions here, what the fuck does “wtf” stand for?
  13. #LINK D1014 T1249
    Fock wrote...
    WTF has multiple meanings:

    Watch this fatso
    Wack the Ferrit
    Wayn0ka talfs fat
  14. #LINK D0612 T0000
    action wrote...

    DATE: 10/12/2005 01:49:43 PM
    i’m tired of the whole NWA thing.

    i would like us to get back to the actress name thing. this week, i’m way into:

    Helena Bonham Carter
  15. #LINK D0612 T0000
    Husker_turf wrote...

    DATE: 10/12/2005 07:08:52 PM
    Sorry, it’s me, somebody already had carl spackler.
  16. #LINK D0612 T0000
    -Johhny O wrote...

    DATE: 10/12/2005 10:36:44 PM
    I’d be interesting in joining up. When’s your clan sign-up begin?

    And here’s a sample team name:

    NWA Self Control
  17. #LINK D0612 T0000
    wayn0ka wrote...

    DATE: 10/13/2005 10:32:22 AM
    Soooo… you’re a fan of the arts? Did you know that Fock once played the lead in My Fair Lady, and I hear that he did a fantastic job of singing that “I Feel Pretty” song? He’s very talented.

    Deej, are you going to weigh back in on these suggestions? What do you think of the TTL moniker?
  18. #LINK D0612 T0000
    DrPachango wrote...

    DATE: 10/13/2005 11:56:35 AM
    TTL Gadoozj?

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