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Been to see a Movie lately? Me neither. Well, okay… I did see Batman twice. If you have been keeping up with the news, you know that every writer and business analyst in the entertainment industry has been tracking the downward spiral of a catastrophic box-office slump. For months now, Hollywood has been clamoring for a hero amidst downturn after downturn in ticket sales compared to opening weekends from last year. Much to their chagrin, they’ve been shot down at every turn… H.G. Wells, Willy Wonka, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Them Duke Boys; even Darth Vader couldn’t right the trend for the longterm.

Now, Lucio Guerrero of the Chicago Sun Times is blaming The Great Multiplex Recession of 2005 on advances in home entertainment. He blames the woes of the Hollywood Elite on gamers, while the Hollywood Elite keeps themselves busy by blaming poor Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson.

Read the article here. Halo is given a prime mention, having smashed every opening day sales record ever set by Hollywood. I would have to agree with Lucio on this one. Why watch Jamie Foxx take a paycheck in a Top Gun rip-off when I can sit in the comfort of my own home and steal an opponent’s flag back to the sunny beaches of Zanzibar? So, it is obvious that Hollywod has lost our business. A more interesting question is, what can Hollywood do to win you back? Anyone gonna see Doom in October? Or are we sick and tired of the way video game characters are sliced and diced to create star-vehicles for ham-fisted players like The Rock? Here is an idea: If Hollywood wants to win the gamer back into a $9.00 seat, a good first step would be to not f#$% up the Halo movie. How about it boys? Think you have the guts to deliver something with an R-rating?

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    Fock wrote...
    Of course it will have rommance. Sarge is gonna get it on with an Elite (see alternate H1 ending after finishing game on Legendary).

    But you’re not far off Carl. Cortana is a silcon distillation of Dr. Halsey, the woman that created the Spartan program, and she’s got a soft spot for Master Chief.

    The back story is pretty fockin good.
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    carl spackl3r wrote...
    I guess I would get that info if I would read the books, huh?
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    Anonymous wrote...
    It’s certainly worth reading First Strike, and The Fall of Reach at any rate.

    I’d personally suggest that you give The Flood a miss, as it contradicts the game and Chief’s character; when would MC say “I wish I knew you Sarge, you must have been one hardcore son of a bitch”. Oh yeah, and the writing style isn’t as good as in the Fall of Reach and First Strike.

    [Insert mandatory “Of course this is only my opinion” here]
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    pachango wrote...
    As long as they cast David Cross as a soldier all is ok with me.

    I hope they don’t cast Vin Diesel as the Master Chief although I really can’t think of any really tall people with booming voices that could do the job.
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    Dague wrote...
    These comments indicate the flaw in the Hollywood system. Thanks for proving the point. Yes, home entertainment does create a distraction from attending cinema. But more over, our faith in Hollywood to be true to the story has suffered. And the story is the thing. Not everyone can devote themselves to the source material the way, say, Peter Jackson did. If more people took the high road in creating our entertainment, we might be more interested in receiving it.

    So they can Blame it on Bungie, or they can ditch their easy formulas for slapping a production together and roll up their sleeves to produce something we care about.
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    Frogwart wrote...
    It was pointed out (don’t recall where—maybe on 60 Minutes) recently that the “Hollywood slump” this year isn’t really a slump in the proper definition.
    There was a little movie last year that tipped the box office on its ear due to the unbelievable hype: Passion of the Christ.
    Here’s the link to its IMDB trivia site, for those who require facts for the following statements: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0335345/trivia

    With a box office draw of over 370 million dollars in 2004, it is the single reason why this year’s “slump” has occured.
    No one expected a little Mel Gibson movie to strike such a chord, and no movie this year has even approached that amount of money.

    Too bad the same didn’t happen for Kirk Cameron and the “Left Behind” films, eh?

    By the way, I will be seeing DOOM.
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    carl spackl3r wrote...

    DATE: 8/16/2005 06:58:41 AM
    I think Hollywood is heading for a disaster with Halo.

    They are going to somehow incorporate romance. Gotta do it for the wives and women. Cortan will be the voice of the chief’s one time woman or something stupid like that.

    I hope it turns out, but I’m not holding my breath.
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    Fock wrote...

    DATE: 8/16/2005 11:54:32 AM
    I agree that the Flood is not nearly as good as the other two. But it does contain some good moments and they are all quick reads. And to clear up any confusion, First Strike is the last book written so far.

    Fall of Reach
    The Flood
    First Strike

    Fall of reach contains the start of the Spartan program. Very cool stuff.

    the Flood takes place on Halo 1. It is not as good but does contain a few hidden details.

    First Strike may be important to H3 as there are surviving Spartans on Reach. MC is not alone.
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    pachango wrote...

    DATE: 8/16/2005 02:11:34 PM
    “If more people took the high road in creating our entertainment, we might be more interested in receiving it.”

    EXACTLY!!! I mean, Daddy Day Care was such a good book and they fucking ruined it!!

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